English Post 1: Finally Mine

Prompt: After all these years, it was finally there, right in front of him...

He stared at it longingly. He imagined what it would be like to hold, smell, touch. He had waited for this day for so long, it suddenly seemed wrong to have it. It felt like at any moment someone would jump out from behind something, and tell him he couldn't have it--not yet.

He shuddered at the thought. He had done too much, waited too long to stop now. All those things he'd done to get here. The things he'd stolen, the people he had used -- killed -- for one moment the weight of his crimes came crashing down, and he was overcome. He fell to the ground, squeezing his eyes shut against the pain and then --

It was gone. The pain would come, but it never stayed for long, pausing just long enough to remind him that he was human.

"Not anymore," he whispered. He looked back up at the object of his obsession. "Never again."

He stood, grabbing hold of it, and it was finished.

He got his wish. Oh, that fate might have prevented this wish from coming true.

Written by me; please ask permission before reuse.


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