English Post 2: Super Battle

Prompt: Pit superheroes against each other; who will win?

Superman vs. Batman

Here we have the guy with all the power vs the guy with all the gadgets. Probably Superman would win, because he'd just punch a hole in Batman's armor, carry the unconscious Batman over the ocean, and drop him.

Superman vs. Spiderman

You'd think the answer would be obvious, but we might have an underdog in Spiderman. As far as powers go, he cannot match Superman. Spiderman has endurance, though. He won't give up. I think this would be the best fight (of the two mentioned), especially if it occurred movie-style, with lots of different face-offs. Then we'd see a lot of Superman beating Spiderman up, and Spiderman not giving up, but learning from Superman each time (assuming Superman doesn't have a lapse of conscience, as he did in Man of Steel). So then, with all his intelligence and science buddies, Spiderman might even figure out Superman's weakness, and there would be this great moment where Spiderman's face will be all bloody, and awesome, and he's standing over Superman, who looks untouched, but afraid. Then Spiderman would choose not to kill Superman, because of honor and mercy and things.

Then the question becomes, if Superman beat Batman, and Spiderman beat Superman, could Spiderman beat Batman?



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