Doctor Who S7: E11--Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

A salvage crew strikes on the TARDIS when it's vulnerable (because the TARDIS doesn't like Clara--what's up with that?), and like ruins the TARDIS, and emits this, like, poisonous gas, and the Doctor gets locked outside the TARDIS, but Clara gets locked inside. So the Doctor convinces the salvage crew to help him get Clara back out, in exchange for the TARDIS itself. So they go in, and of course the TARDIS is being difficult, and the salvage crew is being stupid...

So everything from here on out is...


So I LOVED THIS EPISODE!!! It was so good. In the beginning you got to see some of the back-and-forth that I love about Clara and the Doctor, and then cray-cray stuff happened, and then throughout the whole episode there was all this mystery, and wonder, and then there were these zombie creature things that were chasing everyone, and even killing people.

So one part at a time. First of all, the burn on Clara's hand was really cool. Because you saw it at first, and you were like, what?! and then it kept coming up, and you would see more of the words as the episode went on, and you were kept wondering what it said, and how it was important, and then for some reason I loved that she blew on the burn. Because it's totally a normal thing to do, but I feel like in TV shows they tend to do things a little unrealistically, but just her blowing on the burn made me relate to her so much more. Is that weird?

Then the whole TARDIS being angry thing was nice, because we all know how temperamental the TARDIS is, and it was fun to see her throw a temper tantrum.

And the library!!! For starters, we got to see the swimming pool inside of a library, but then we got to see a legit library. And there were these bottles with voices in them, like memories, with people talking in Gallifreyan, and that was interesting. Because it showed that there was like this sort of hidden part of the Doctor, where he kept memories of his people and himself, and that they were all bottled, and hidden. I dunno. It was just interesting because it showed a different side of him.

And then in the library we also saw the Book of the Time War or whatever it was called, and Clara looked in it, and found out what the Doctor's name was!!! And it's weird because the Doctor's name is made into such a huge mystery, that it's going to change everything when we find out, but what on earth could it possibly be that would change everything? You know? That it's such a huge deal, and that Doctor Who (the show) will never be the same again, and that it's so earth-shattering.

It's a name.

How is it so important?

But we're going to find it out someday. The name of the last episode of the season is The Name of the Doctor, so maybe we'll find out them, but it's possible that they'll end this season on a cliffhanger, and not tell us until the 50th Anniversary special (WHICH I'M SO EXCITED FOR!)

But the best--the very, very best part of this episode--was when we found out that Clara had died at the beginning of the episode. Because I knew the gas was poisonous, but I just figured she hadn't breathed it in, or was in a different part of the TARDIS, or...something. It had not even occurred to me that she was dead. And then that the zombie things chasing everyone were her. That she was the zombie, because she had died and roasted.

It was crazy. Not gonna lie.

I liked the exchange when the Doctor was chewing Clara out, and she was like, "I died? I've been alive two other times this season?" It was pretty great,ecause she really has no clue what's going on. And that's interesting because--what is going on?

So this was an amazing episode, and I loved it to pieces. Obviously, I'm very enthusiastic about it.


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