Doctor Who S7: E11--The Crimson Horror

This is a week late. But I'm watching the newest episode now, so I thought it was about time I looked back at last week's episode...

Episode summary: Jenny and Madame Whats-her-face Silurian and Strax start investigating Sweetsville, or something (sorry, I'm fuzzy on the names), and discover that the curator of the "city" is actually converting everyone into dolls, or something, including the Doctor. Then the Doctor comes back, and he has to save Clara. What was fun was that Jenny and Madame Silurian know Clara as dead, so they're totally confused that she's still alive.

I didn't love this episode. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't very good. It was just sort of blah. It started out slowly, and the whole side story with the blind girl and her "Monster," was kind of lame (though I liked that the Doctor was her "Monster"). I dunno. It was just sort of boring. It didn't keep my attention or keep me guessing, like Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS did. This episode is really good so far, too, so I'll talk about that when I'm done.

Actual 100th post!!! I thought the previous one was 100, but apparently I had a drafted post that the blog was counting as one of them. So this is post 100. Exciting! Especially because I have about 1300 views or so, which is fun. Yay blogs!!!

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